Cristiano Ronaldo: first ever top-scorer in 4 national leagues

Cristiano Ronaldo became the first player in football history to win the title of top scorer of the season in 4 different national leagues.
He previously won the scoring competition in England (with Manchester United), Spain (with Real Madrid, 3 times) and Italy (with Juventus). Now he has added also Saudi Arabia (with Al-Nassr, 35 goals in 2023-24) to this list.
If we expand the scope and consider other significant leagues, including regional ones (but always only the top divisions), we will find three more players who have achieved similar success.
All of them are Brazilians. Romario won the title of top scorer in 5 leagues - three national (Netherlands, Spain, Brazil), one regional (Carioca), as well as in the USL, which at that time (2006) was not yet the second division for MLS, but existed in parallel with it.
Dada Maravilla also was crowned as top scorer in 5 leagues, but only one is national (Brazil). The other 4 in his tally are state leagues.
Flavio Minuano represents a similar case.
Details are in the table. The last column shows the clubs and seasons in which the player became the top scorer (the season is indicated by the last two digits of the year it ended).

Cristiano Ronaldo4 PortugalEngland1Manchester United 08
    Spain3Real Madrid 11,14,15
    Italy1Juventus 21
    Saudi Arabia1Al Nassr 24
Romário32BrazilCarioca7Vasco 86,87,00, Flamengo 96,97,98,99
    Netherlands3PSV 89,90,91
    Spain1Barcelona 94
    Brazil3Vasco da Gama 00,01,05
    USA (USL)1Miami 06
Dadá Maravilha14BrazilBrazil3Atlético Mineiro 71,72, Internacional 76
    Mineiro4Atlético Mineiro 69,70,72,74
    Carioca1Flamengo 73
    Pernambucano2Sport 75,76
    Amazonense1Nacional 84
Flávio Minuano13BrazilPaulista 1Corinthians 67
    Carioca 2Fluminense 69,70
    Brazil1Internacional 75
    Gaúcho1Pelotas 77