Sergio Ramos: longest return in La Liga history 

Sergio Ramos set a new all-time record in the Spanish League just after his return in Sevilla after very long break. 
The gap between his last league game for Sevilla in the first spell (on 28 August 2005 vs Racing Santander) and his first league game for Sevilla in the second spell (on 17 September 2023 vs Union Las Palmas) is 18 years 20 days.
This is now the longest gap between a player’s two successive games for the same club in the history of La Liga.
Sergio Ramos has surpassed the ex-record holder Pepe Reina who made his recent return to Villarreal after 17 years 216 days.
Here is the ranking of Spain’s longest returns.

 PlayerTeamGap (Y-D)Date 1First GameDate 2Second Game
1Sergio Ramos Sevilla18-020 28/08/2005Racing 1:017/09/2023Las Palmas 1:0
2Pepe Reina Villarreal17-216 29/05/2005Levante 4:131/12/2022Valencia 2:1
3Xisco Campos Mallorca14-220 09/01/2005La Coruña 2:217/08/2019Eibar  2:1
4Toni Prats Mallorca13-318 02/11/1991Athletic Bilbao 1:217/09/2005Real Sociedad 5:2
5ÁngelLas Palmas13-299 10/05/2002Real Sociedad 1:105/03/2016Villarreal 1:0
6Juan Carlos Unzué Osasuna13-110 07/05/1988Celta 3:025/08/2001Celta 0:3