Picture : Pauli Jorgensen, one of the Danish stars !

All-time best top division goal-scorers: Denmark (since 1912) (Part 34)

The first national championship in Denmark was held in the season 1912-13 when the clubs from province joined Copenhagen club in the contest for the title. Since then, the format of competition has been changed several times.
The biggest Danish stars of the first half of XX century - Pauli Jørgensen, Poul "Tist" Nielsen, Michael Rohde – continue to stand on the top of all-time ranking. 
Players of subsequent generations still cannot compete with them. However, the reason is that after the Second World War, the best players began to quickly leave the local amateur championship, moving to earn money in strong European leagues.
Statistics on pre-WW2 Danish championships are incomplete. For example, the number of goals scored by "Tist" Nielsen since 1912 is not known exactly (his career began earlier, when the Copenhagen clubs played only their own championship). Therefore, he is not mentioned in the ranking, although he should be in the top three in terms of the number of goals. His total goals are in the area of 200, but it is definitely less than 245, the figure of record holder Pauli Jørgensen (whose statistics is known and complete). 
In the post-war period, the best scorer is Henning Enoksen with 157 goals.
Peter Møller is highest scoring player in the era of paid football (since 1978). He amassed 149 goals, including 144 goals in the regular seasons and another 5 in the qualifying matches arranged in 1990 to determine the places in the newly created Superliga.
Regarding Superliga, its best scorer separately (since 1991 up to now) is Morten “Duncan” Rasmussen (145 goals).
All players in the ranking are native and retired.
 PlayerPeriodGoalsBreakdown by clubs
1Pauli Jørgensen1925-1942245Frem 245
2Michael Rohde1915-1933222B.93 222
3Henning Enoksen1957-1967157Vejle 71, Aarhus 83
4Peter Møller1990-2005149Aalborg 60, Copenhagen 44, Brøndby 45
5Morten Rasmussen2002-2018145Aarhus 58 Brøndby 44 Aalborg 6 Midtjylland 37 
6Søren Frederiksen1990-2005143Viborg 83, Silkeborg 7, Aalborg 53