Cuca: 8th coach to train all 4 Paulista grands 

Few weeks ago, Cuca (full name Alexi Stival) was appointed as the new head coach of Corinthians; it was the last club of Paulista big 4 (also Palmeiras, Santos and São Paulo) where he has never yet worked before.
Thus, Cuca has joined the “club” of Brazilian coaches of all time who trained all 4 grands. This “club” counts now 8 names, starting from Aymoré Moreira who was the very first with such an experience.
In this table, we list all these coaches in chronological order, specifying the years of their career in every one of the considered grands (in some occasions, this experience is made up of many spells).
Three last coaches, including Cuca, are still active (marked in bold).  

CoachCorinthiansPalmeirasSantosSão Paulo
Aymoré Moreira68,70-7151-52,54-57,675253,62,66-67
Osvaldo Brandão54-57,64-66,68,77-78,80-8145,47-48,58-60,71-75,8048-5063,71
Rubens Minelli8669-71,82-83,87-889277-79
Carlos Alberto Silva 94-9595-9699-0080-81,89-90
Emerson Leão06-0789-90,05-0698-99,02-04,0804-05,11-12
Nelsinho Baptista90-91,92-93,96-97,07 91-920598,01-02
Oswaldo de Oliveira99-00,04,161505,1402-03