Germán Cano: 6th foreigner in Brazil with 100+ goals

Argentine forward Germán Cano has scored in the Serie A game Cruzeiro vs Fluminense (0-2) the 100th top level goal in his Brazilian career.
He is just 6th foreign player to reach this mark in the entire history of Brazilian football.
Cano’s tally is made up of 42 goals in Campeonato Brazileiro (Serie A), 36 in Campeonato Carioca, 9 in Copa do Brazil, 8 in Copa Libertadores and 5 in Copa Sudamericana.
It is remarkable that Cano takes much less time to reach 100 goals than his predecessors. He came to Brazil only in 2020, so he spent less than 3.5 years for this. Moreover, during this period, he has played one league season, with Vasco da Gama, in 2021, in Serie B (11 goals scored in D2 are not considered here).
Below, the list of 6 best foreign scorers with details and breakdown by competitions.
Paolo Guerrero is also still active but he left Brazil in 2022 and currently plays in Argentine.

1Dejan Petković131Serbia1997-2010 8320 156 7
2Henry Welfare 129England1913-1924 123  24 
3Narciso Horacio Doval126Argentina1969-19783491  1  
4Paolo Guerrero121Peru2012-2022551518123 18
5Pedro Rocha101Uruguay1970-198033353 1 11
6Germán Cano 100Argentina2020-4236 9  13

B – Brazileiro, C – Carioca, P – Paulista (other state leagues are beyond consideration),
CB – Copa do Brazil, OC – other relevant domestic competitions,
IP – Inter-Provincial competitions (between state selections),
CC – Continental competitions.