Faroese father-son duo go for the record

The father and son pair have been playing together in the Faroese league for already third season. Both play for Vikingur. 
The father Atli Gregersen will soon turn 42, the son Árni Atlason is 18-year old.
They have now played 21 matches together in different competitions (20 in the league, 1 in the cup), gradually approaching the XXI century world record.
Interestingly, this record belongs to another couple from the Faroe Islands. Jakup (father) and Pole (son) Mikkelsen accumulated 35 combined appearances in 2013-2014.
The table contains similar pairs in the history of football that performed at the top level. The numbers of games in which father and son played both (GB) and separately games in which they played together (GT) are indicated. 
These numbers do not always coincide: there were cases when one of the members of a related duo came on as a substitute later (or at same time) than another left the pitch. 
The most significant case is the father and son Gudjohnsens, who replaced each other in the only match (in 1996 for Iceland against Estonia) in which they both played. They haven’t got a chance to play together (what the father Arnor very much regretted of).
There are two known cases where a father played with his two sons: Kelly Foster (Barbados) and Alexey Eremenko (Finland).
The right column (AG) shows the age difference between father and son.

1Kelly Foster Arthur Colin Foster Barbados NT1931-19336619-346
2 Reyn Foster Barbados NT19331121-345
3George Eastham Sr. George Eastham Jr.EnglandArds (NI)1953-1956??22-041
4Arnór GuðjohnsenEiður GuðjohnsenIcelandNT19961 17-138
5Anatoliy DavydovDmitriy DavydovRussiaZenit1997151521-070
6Aleksey Eremenko Sr.Aleksey Eremenko Jr.FinlandHJK Helsinki2002-2003302319-066
7 Roman EremenkoFinlandJaro2004-2005191923-061
8Juan Carlos BazalarAlonso BazalarPeruCienciano20082222-024
9Jákup MikkelsenPoul MikkelsenFaroe IslandsFuglafjördur2013-2014353524-248
10RivaldoRivaldinhoBrazilMogi Mirim20142223-010
11Ronnie Brunswijk Damian Brunswijk SurinameInter Moengotapoe20211138-039
12Atli GregersenÁrni AtlasonFaroe IslandsVíkingur2022-212123-241