Bayer Leverkusen set new record: 44 unbeaten games in a row!   

In the second leg of the Europa League quarter-final against West Ham, new German champions Bayer Leverkusen held on to a 1-1 draw and set a new record for teams from the top 5 European leagues: 44 consecutive matches without defeat in all competitions.
Xabi Alonso's team won 38 of them and drew only 6.
By tournament, the breakdown of matches in this series is as follows: 29 in the German Championship, 5 in the German Cup, 10 in the Europa League.
The series began exactly with the beginning of the current season.
The last match Bayer lost was the final match of last season, on 27 May 2023 vs Bochum (0-3) in the 34th round of the Bundesliga.
Remarkably, 6 times Bayer's streak was under serious threat: the team was on the verge of defeat, but saved each time.
Such cases are highlighted in dark blue in the left column.
In the game vs Bayern (2-2) on 15 September last year (match number 5 in the series), Bayer equalized in the 90+4 minute,
in the game vs Dortmund (1-1) on 3 December 3 - in the 79th minute.
March became especially turbulent for Leverkusen: they barely avoided defeat three times. Both matches of the round of 16 of the Europa League vs Karabakh turned out to be epic.
The first leg on 7 March (match 35): Bayer losing 0-2 away escape defeat thanks to goals in 70 and 90+2 minutes.
The second leg at home on 14 March (match 37): the same scenario; being 0-2 down, they came back due to goals in 72 and 90+3 minutes, and then also notched the winner in 90+8.
Next, on 30 March (match 39), Bayer did not surrender to Hoffenheim, losing 0-1 a minute before the end of regular time. In the remaining interval  they score twice and tilt the match in their favor.
Finally, in the last game vs West Ham (1-1), the fighting spirit was again shown: a draw, achieved in the 89th minute.
Really, Bayer deserve this record!

112/08/2023Teutonia Ottensen 8-0German Cup
219/08/2023RB Leipzig 3-2Bundesliga
326/08/2023Borussia Mönchengladbach 3-0Bundesliga
402/09/2023Darmstadt 5-1Bundesliga
515/09/2023Bayern München 2-2Bundesliga
621/09/2023Häcken 4-0Europa League
724/09/2023Heidenheim 4-1Bundesliga
830/09/2023Mainz 3-0Bundesliga
905/10/2023Molde 2-1Europa League
1008/10/2023Köln 3-0Bundesliga
1121/10/2023Wolfsburg 2-1Bundesliga
1226/10/2023Qarabag 5-1Europa League
1329/10/2023Freiburg 2-1Bundesliga
1401/11/2023Sandhausen 5-2German Cup
1504/11/2023Hoffenheim 3-2Bundesliga
1609/11/2023Qarabag 1-0Europa League
1712/11/2023Union Berlin 4-0Bundesliga
1825/11/2023Werder Bremen 3-0Bundesliga
1930/11/2023Häcken 2-0Europa League
2003/12/2023Borussia Dortmund 1-1Bundesliga
2106/12/2023Paderborn 3-1German Cup
2210/12/2023Stuttgart 1-1Bundesliga
2314/12/2023Molde 5-1Europa League
2417/12/2023Eintracht Frankfurt 3-0Bundesliga
2520/12/2023Bochum 4-0Bundesliga
2613/01/2024Augsburg 1-0Bundesliga
2720/01/2024RB Leipzig 3-2Bundesliga
2827/01/2024Borussia Mönchengladbach 0-0Bundesliga
2903/02/2024Darmstadt 2-0Bundesliga
3006/02/2024Stuttgart 3-2German Cup
3110/02/2024Bayern München 3-0Bundesliga
3217/02/2024Heidenheim 2-1Bundesliga
3323/02/2024Mainz 2-1Bundesliga
3403/03/2024Köln 2-0Bundesliga
3507/03/2024Qarabag 2-2Europa League
3610/03/2024Wolfsburg 2-0Bundesliga
3714/03/2024Qarabag 3-2Europa League
3817/03/2024Freiburg 3-2Bundesliga
3930/03/2024Hoffenheim 2-1Bundesliga
4003/04/2024Fortuna Düsseldorf 4-0German Cup
4106/04/2024Union Berlin 1-0Bundesliga
4211/04/2024West Ham 2-0Europa League
4314/04/2024Werder 5-0Bundesliga
4418/04/2024West Ham  1-1Europa League