Antoine Griezmann (picture) stumbles at just 2 games from world record
World record of Zubizarreta: 86 caps in a row 

Antoine Griezmann will not be able to play for France in a friendly match against Germany today due to injury.
This means that, having almost approached the world record for the number of consecutive caps, he can’t repeat or beat it.
The record belongs to Andoni Zubizarreta - 86 games for Spain in a row between 1985 and 1994 (details in the table).
Griezmann currently has 84. The last time he missed his national team game almost 7 years ago; it was a friendly against England (3-2) on 13 June 2017. And now his streak ends, with just 2 matches missing.
Zubizarreta, who has played a total of 126 games for La Roja, could also have extended his record run by a couple of dozen appearances more. But he also had his own unfortunate incident - a red card received against Denmark in the last qualifier for the 1994 World Cup (number 82 in the table).
This meant for him a suspension for the opening World Cup match against South Korea. For this reason, Spain coach Javier Clemente sidelined him in the last friendly before the tournament’s start, against Canada on 10 June 1994, giving practice to reserve keeper Santiago Cañizares.
Thus ended Zubizarreta's series. If this incident had not happened, it would probably have exceeded 100 games, since he continued to remain the main goalkeeper of the national team.

126/05/1985Ireland 0-0Friendly
212/06/1985Iceland 2-1World Cup Qual
325/09/1985Iceland 2-1World Cup Qual
420/11/1985Austria 0-0Friendly
518/12/1985Bulgaria 2-0Friendly
622/01/1986Soviet Union 2-0Friendly
719/02/1986 Belgium 3-0Friendly
826/03/1986Poland 3-0Friendly
901/06/1986Brazil 0-1World Cup
1007/06/1986Northern Ireland 2-1 World Cup
1112/06/1986 Algeria 3-0 World Cup
1218/06/1986 Denmark 5-1 World Cup
1322/06/1986Belgium 1-1, pen 4-5World Cup
1424/09/1986Greece 3-1Friendly
1515/10/1986Germany 2-2Friendly
1612/11/1986Romania 1-0Euro Qual
1703/12/1986Albania 2-1Euro Qual
1821/01/1987 Netherlands 1-1Friendly
1918/02/1987England 2-4Friendly
2001/04/1987Austria 3-2Euro Qual
2129/04/1987 Romania 1-3 Euro Qual
2223/09/1987Luxembourg 2-0Friendly
2314/10/1987Austria 2-0 Euro Qual
2418/11/1987Albania 5-0Euro Qual
2527/01/1988East Germany 0-0Friendly
2624/02/1988Czechoslovakia 1-2Friendly
2723/03/1988France 1-2Friendly
2827/04/1988Scotland 0-0Friendly
2901/06/1988Sweden 1-3Friendly
3005/06/1988 Switzerland 1-1Friendly
3111/06/1988 Denmark 3-2 Euro
3214/06/1988Italy 0-1 Euro
3317/06/1988 Germany 0-2 Euro
3414/09/1988 Yugoslavia 1-2Friendly
3512/10/1988Argentina 1-1Friendly
3616/11/1988Ireland 2-0World Cup Qual
3721/12/1988 Northern Ireland 4-0 World Cup Qual
3822/01/1989Malta 2-0World Cup Qual
3908/02/1989 Northern Ireland 2-0 World Cup Qual
4023/03/1989Malta 4-0  World Cup Qual
4126/04/1989Ireland 0-1World Cup Qual
4220/09/1989Poland 1-0Friendly
4311/10/1989Hungary 2-2 World Cup Qual
4415/11/1989Hungary 4-0 World Cup Qual
4513/12/1989Switzerland 2-1Friendly
4621/02/1990Czechoslovakia 1-0Friendly
4728/03/1990Austria 2-3Friendly
4826/05/1990Yugoslavia 1-0Friendly
4913/06/1990Uruguay 0-0 World Cup
5017/06/1990South Korea 3-1World Cup
5121/06/1990Belgium 2-1 World Cup
5226/06/1990Yugoslavia 1-2 World Cup
5312/09/1990 Brazil 3-0Friendly
5410/10/1990Iceland 2-1 Euro Qual
5514/11/1990Czechoslovakia 2-3 Euro Qual
5619/12/1990Albania 9-0 Euro Qual
5716/01/1991Portugal 1-1Friendly
5820/02/1991 France  1-3 Euro Qual
5927/03/1991Hungary 2-4Friendly
6017/04/1991Romania 0-2Friendly
6104/09/1991Uruguay 2-1Friendly
6225/09/1991 Iceland 0-2Euro Qual
6312/10/1991France  1-2 Euro Qual
6413/11/1991 Czechoslovakia 2-1 Euro Qual
6515/01/1992Portugal 0-0Friendly
6619/02/1992CIS  1-1Friendly
6711/03/1992United States 2-0Friendly
6822/04/1992Albania 3-0World Cup Qual
6909/09/1992England 1-0Friendly
7023/09/1992Latvia  0-0 World Cup Qual
7114/10/1992Northern Ireland 0-0 World Cup Qual
7218/11/1992Ireland 0-0 World Cup Qual
7316/12/1992Latvia 5-1 World Cup Qual
7427/01/1993 Mexico 1-1Friendly
7524/02/1993 Lithuania 5-0World Cup Qual
7631/03/1993Denmark 0-1 World Cup Qual
7728/04/1993Northern Ireland 3-1World Cup Qual
7802/06/1993Lithuania 2-0 World Cup Qual
7908/09/1993Chile   2-0Friendly
8022/09/1993Albania 5-1  World Cup Qual
8113/10/1993Ireland 3-1World Cup Qual
8217/11/1993Denmark 1-0World Cup Qual
8320/01/1994 Portugal 2-2Friendly
8409/02/1994 Poland  1-1Friendly
8523/03/1994Croatia 0-2Friendly
8602/06/1994Finland 2-1Friendly