Picture : The Top 3 Romario - Pelé - Cristiano Ronaldo

World's All-Time best club goal-scorers : Ronaldo or Messi, the new recordman in 2021 ?

Continuing the theme of new achievement of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, we publish (for the first time) the ranking of World’s all-time best club goal-scorers. In the table below, all players who ever amassed 500 and more goals in top-level club football, are gathered.
Now this list contains 16 names. Most of them are greatest stars but there are some players much less known in global sense. Three players from Northern Ireland - Jimmy Jones, Joe Bambrick and Glenn Ferguson – have done almost nothing outside of Great Britain (even of just their country). But they scored great amount of goals in super-attacking local competitions and satisfy the criteria to be present in this list.

As for Ibrahimovic, with his two goals for Milan in Feb 7 game vs Crotone, he caught up and overcame Alfredo Di Stefano. The glorious “Saeta Rubia” dropped to 16th place with exactly 500 goals while “Ibra” entered top-15. He can soon surpass another legend of the past, Uwe Seeler (508 goals). For achieving more, Zlatan should try very hard.
In the meantime, Cristiano Ronaldo (third place with 661 club goals) and Lionel Messi (placed 5th with 651) are already pretty close to two great Brazilian topping the category, Romário (689) and Pelé (684). There is certain probability to see a new world record holder already in 2021.


 PlayerNationalityPeriodLeague Cups ICC TotalTotalTotalSum
2Pelé Brazil1957-197713847049 17106084927684
3Cristiano Ronaldo Portugal 2002-466 4110137746651144661
4Josef BicanAustria, BM, Czechoslovakia1931-1955518 724224 51811424656
5Lionel Messi Argentina 2004-457 5414121545768126651
6Ferenc PuskásHungary, Spain1943-1966514 6975325147655645
7Jimmy Jones Northern Ireland  1947-1964332 432582 3323012635
8Joe BambrickNorthern Ireland  1927-1943348 40205  348245 593
9EusébioPortugal 1957-1979425 97 5724259759581
10Gerd MüllerGermany1964-1981405 78146814059269566
11Glenn FergusonNorthern Ireland  1987-2011311 521936 3112456562
12Fernando PeyroteoPortugal1937-19493321317023 463723538
13Jimmy McGroryScotland1922-1937408 7753  408130 538
14Uwe SeelerGermany1954-1978179267241721 4464121508
15Zlatan Ibrahimović Sweden1999-396 43557 3964857501
16Alfredo Di StéfanoArgentina, Spain1945-1966376 55 56133765569500
 BM = (Protectorate) Bohemia and Moravia            

NL = National League 
RL = Regional League (taken in account only having the strength comparable to national league; Campeonato Carioca in the case of Romário, Campeonato Paulista for Pelé, Lisbon Championship for Peyroteo, Oberliga Nord for Seeler).
NC = (main) national Cup
OC = other (appropriate) national Cups
ICC = International Club Competitions
CT = Continental tournaments
ICT = InterContinental (world) tournaments (always of appropriate level)