“Gigi” Buffon, the WORLD’S BEST GOALKEEPER of the First Decade (2001-2010) of the 21st Century.
The annual vote for The World‘s best Goalkeeper during the period 2001 to 2010 produced a total of total 76 goalkeepers from all football continents who featured at least once in the annual world ranking. These 76 goalkeepers were composed of 44 Europeans, 21 South Americans, five Central and North Americans, four Africans and one each from Asia and Oceana. Among the 76 goalkeepers of the 1st Decade of the 21st Century were seven Spaniards, six Brazilians, six Argentinians, five Germans, four Italians, four Frenchmen and four Russians as well as each three Dutchmen, Paraguayans, Colombians, Portugueses, Mexicans and Englishmen.

Already, before the 2010 vote, it was clear by virtue of the votes cast that the 28-year-old Czech Petr Čech of Chelsea FC London was the third-best goalkeeper of this first decade. But the 2010 vote could result in the 40-year-old Dutchman Edwin van der Sar of Manchester United FC pushing the now retired and many times World s best Goalkeeper Oliver Kahn from 4th place. Nevertheless Germany as well as Spain and Brazil were represented with two goalkeepers each among the “Top 10″. Only those goalkeepers who played for many years at the highest level made the top group of this world ranking of the 1st Decade.

The result of The World‘s best Goalkeeper of the 1st Decade (2001-2010) has been decided by the 2010 vote. The second-placed Spaniard Iker Casillas managed to reduce the lead of “Gigi” Buffon by more than half but the Italian of Juventus FC Torino, although troubled by injuries, managed to defend his position with a meagre lead and was therefore The World‘s best Goalkeeper of the 1st Decade of the 21st Century. Within of ten years world votings the four times World‘s best Goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon was better placed only for total five places than the three times World‘s best Goalkeeper Iker Casillas of Real Madrid CF.



  Goalkeeper Country Points
1. Gianluigi Buffon Italy 170
2. Iker Casillas Spain 157
3. Petr Čech Czech Republic 120
4. Oliver Kahn Germany 99 
5. Edwin van der Sar Netherlands 92
6. Nélson de Jesus e Silva “Dida” Brazil 90
7. Jens Lehmann Germany 72
8. Roberto Carlos Abbondanzieri Argentina 68
9. Fabien Barthez France 55
10. Rogério Ceni Brazil 53
11. Francesco Toldo Italy 52
12. José Manuel Reina Spain 50
13. Victor Valdes  Spain 49
14. Júlio César Soãres Espíndola Brazil 44
15. Jerzy Dudek Poland 42
16. Igor Akinfeev Russia 41
17. Santiago Cañizares Spain 35
18. Grégory Coupet France 28
19. Rüştü Reçber Turkey 27
20. José Luis Félix Chilavert Paraguay 26
21. José Francisco Cevallos Ecuador 25
  Timothy Matthew Howard USA 25
23. Andonios Nikopolidis Greece 24
24. René Adler Germany 23
25. Bradlay Howard Friedel USA 21
26. Oscar Eduardo Córdoba Colombia 19
27. Andrés Palop Spain 17
  Francisco Guillermo Ochoa Mexico 17
  Justo Wilmar Villar Paraguay 17
  Marcos Roberto Silveira Reis Brazil 17
31. Ricardo Alexandre Martins Soares Pereira Portugal 16
  Vítor Manuel Martins Baía Portugal 16
33. Heurelho da Silva Gomes Brazil 15
  Timo Hildebrand Germany 15
35. Juan Carlos Henao Colombia 13
  Woon-Jae Lee South Korea 13
37. Oswaldo Sánchez Mexico 12
38. Ruslan Nigmatullin Russia 11
39. Andreas Isaksson Sweden 10
  Carlo Cudicini Italy 10
  Doniéber Alexander Marangon “Doni” Brazil 10
  Hugo Lloris France 10
  Ivan Pellizzoli Italy 10
  Óscar Pérez Mexico 10
  Peter Schmeichel Denmark 10
  Samir Handanović Slovenia 10
  Séamus John James Given Ireland 10
48. Magnus Hedman Sweden 8
  Mark Schwarzer Australia 8
  Pascal Zuberbühler Switzerland 8
  Ricardo Tavarelli Paraguay 8
52. Nigel Martyn England 7
  Sergey Ovchinnikov Russia 7
  Agustín Julio Colombia 6
  David Seaman England 6
  Roberto Óscar Bonano Argentina 6
  Tony Mario Sylva Senegal 6
  Vyacheslav Malafeev Russia 6
59. Artur Boruc Poland 5
  Carlos Fernando Navarro Montoya Argentina 5
  Fabián Carini Uruguay 5
  Sander Westerveld Netherlands 5
  Sebastián Saja Argentina 5
64. Germán Adrian Burgos Argentina 4
  José María Buljabasich Argentina 4
  Manuel Rivero Spain 4
67. Thomas Sørensen Denmark 3
68. Grégory Wimbée France 2
69. Carlos Idriss Kameni Cameroon 1




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