Luis Suárez: 400 league goals in the career

Luis Suárez, whom we recently congratulated for scoring the 500th goal of his club career, is back in the spotlight for his new milestone.
The goal scored by the Uruguayan forward on 2 June for Inter Miami vs St. Louis City (3-3) was his 400th in various top-level leagues. 
He became the 18th player in history to reach this milestone and one of the three active ones, along with Cristiano Ronaldo and “El Pistolero”’s  current partner Lionel Messi.
We publish an updated historical world ranking for the top league goal-scorers. 
The top national divisions (NL) only are taken into account, along with some others leagues (OL), considered relevant:
regional leagues (also only top divisions),
war-time leagues in various countries,
parallel leagues (in few cases, two or more leagues existed at same time in same country being at least formally independent from each other).
Pelé holds the record in this category with 604 goals.
Several players (Alf Quill, Reg Date, Erwin Helmchen, Dadá Maravilha) are mentioned but not classified due to their overwhelming number of goals scored in regional leagues of modest strength (though still formally being a top tier of national football pyramide).

 Erwin Helmchen Germany1923-195123690713Germany 23, South-East Germany 151, Central Germany 247, 
       Gauliga Saxony 219, Bezirk Chemnitz 72, Oberliga Nord 1
1Pelé Brazil1957-1977138466604Paulista 466, Brazil 101, USA (NASL) 37
 Alf Quill Australia1927-1949 595595New South Wales 595
2Abe LenstraNetherlands1936-1963289284573Netherlands North 284, Netherlands 289
3Cristiano Ronaldo Portugal 2002-547 547Portugal 3, England 103, Spain 311, Italy 81, Saudi Arabia 49
4RomárioBrazil1985-2007293252545Carioca 233, Brazil 155, Netherlands 98, Spain 39, 
       USA (USL) 19, Australia 1
5Ferenc PuskásHungary, Spain1943-1966516 516Hungary 359, Spain 157
6Josef BicanAustria, BM, CS1931-1955515 515Austria 71, Czechoslovakia & Bohemia-Moravia 444
7Lionel Messi Argentina 2004-509 509Spain 474, France 22, USA (MLS) 13
8Roberto DinamiteBrazil1971-1992192284476Carioca 284, Brazil 190, Spain 2
9Fernando PeyroteoPortugal1937-1949332132464Portugal 332, Lisbon 132
10Uwe SeelerGermany1954-1978180267447Oberliga Nord 267, Germany 178, Republic of Ireland 2
 Reg DateAustralia1938-1954 446446New South Wales 446
11Albert de CleynBelgium1933-195537751428Belgium 377, Belgium War 51
 Dadá MaravilhaBrazil1967-1985 127299426Brazil 127, Carioca 24, Mineiro 109, Pernambucano 84, 
       Gaúcho 11, Paulista 7, Paraense 16, Baiano 27, Goiano 5, 
       Paranaense 5, Amazonense 11
12Gyula ZsengellérHungary1935-1952415 415Hungary 386, Italy 6, Colombia 23
13Imre Schlosser Hungary1906-192736350413Hungary Unoff 1, Hungary 357, Hungary War 49, Austria 6
14Isidro LángaraSpain1930-194833873411Spain 104, Asturias 73, Mexico 124, Argentina 110
15ZicoBrazil1971-1994171239410Carioca 239, Brazil 135, Italy 22, Japan 14
16Jimmy McGroryScotland1923-1937407 407Scotland 407
17Gerd MüllerGermany1964-1981405 405Germany 365, USA (NASL) 40
18Luis Suárez Uruguay2005-3937400Uruguay 20, Netherlands 96, England 69, Spain 179, 
       Brazil 17, Gaúcho 7, USA (MLS) 12