Great Bayer’s run 2023-24: summary

Bayer's unbeaten streak, which have been talking about with admiration lately, has come to an end. 
Xabi Alonso's team, which from the very beginning of the season remained unbeaten in all competitions, finally gave up at the end of the season, when there were only 2 matches left to play (but 2 finals!)
Since this was a very extraordinary event, it makes sense to summarize the glorious Leverkusen series that has gone down in history.
So, before losing to Atalanta in the Europa League final (0-3) on May 22, Bayer avoided defeat for 51 matches in a row, of which they won 42 and drew 9.
The breakdown of competitions is as follows: Bundesliga - 34 games, German Cup - 5, Europa League - 12.

Let us remind which records for the duration of an unbeaten streak Bayer broke and which it failed to break (we published the corresponding rankings over the past weeks).
For the top 5 European leagues - broken (the previous Juventus record was 43 games).
For all European leagues in the era of UEFA competitions - broken (Benfica's previous record was 48 games).
For all world leagues in the era of international club competitions - not broken (4 games missing, Egyptian Al Ahly - 55).
For all leagues at all times — not broken (Celtic, 66 games,1915-17).

Note that Bayer still have an open streak of unbeaten matches in the league (34). They will try to increase it next season, but they are still far from reaching the record of the top 5 European leagues in this category (Milan, 58).
And finally, what makes Bayer’s streak outstanding, is the abnormal number of matches in which they bounced back from defeat with only few minutes left to play.
There were as many as 9 such miraculous rescues. Let's take a look and admire the list of Leverkusen comebacks (FS - final score, IS - intermediate score; the number in the left column means the serial number of the match within the Bayer’s run).

DateRivalComp.FSISComeback goals
515/09/2023Bayern München NL2-21-2Exequiel Palacios 90+4 
2003/12/2023Borussia Dortmund NL1-10-1Victor Boniface 79
3507/03/2024Qarabag EL2-20-2Florian Wirtz 70, Patrik Schick 90+2
3714/03/2024Qarabag EL3-20-2Jeremie Frimpong 72, Patrik Schick 90+3, 90+8
3930/03/2024Hoffenheim NL2-10-1Robert Andrich 88, Patrik Schick 90+1
4418/04/2024West Ham EL1-10-1Jeremie Frimpong 89
4521/04/2024Borussia Dortmund NL1-10-1Josip Stanišić 90+7
4627/04/2024StuttgartNL2-20-2Amine Adli 61, Robert Andrich 90+7
4909/05/2024RomaEL2-20-2Gianluca Mancini 82 (own), Josip Stanišić 90+7