Al-Hilal in 3 steps from world record 

Al Hilal are already very close to the historical world record.
The Saudi Arabian league leader have won at the moment 28 games in a row in all official competitions, domestic and international.
The old world record belongs to Belfast Celtic (Northern Ireland) – 31 consecutive wins between 4 September 1947 and 6 March 1948.
Al Hilal are now 3rd the all-time ranking, conceding also to Ujpest (Hungary) who achieved a series of 30 wins in 1945-1946.
Al Hilal’s current streak of 28 wins is made up of 16 wins in the national league, 3 in the King’s Cup and 9 in AFC Champions League.
If they go on winning every game, they equal the world record on 2 April in the league duel vs Al Akhdoud and set the new record on next calendar match, also in the league, on 5 April vs Al Khaleej.
Notably, we follow now another similar great streak, also still ongoing (though emerging under a serious threat yesterday in the Europa League round).
We mean the Bayer Leverkusen series in the category of unbeaten consecutive games. They have collected already 37. This is also close enough to the all-time maximum achievement in the top 5 European league (43 games of Juventus in 2011-2012).  

1Belfast Celtic Northern Ireland 3118 211     04/09/194706/03/1948
2ÚjpestHungary3030        04/08/194526/05/1946
3Al HilalSaudi Arabia2816 3  9   25/09/2023 
4The New Saints Wales2721 132    14/08/201630/12/2016
5AjaxNetherlands2619 3  4   03/10/197129/03/1972
6Dresdner SCGermany265183      29/08/194203/10/1943
7AjaxNetherlands2519   15   08/04/199528/10/1995
8ShakhtarUkraine2519 4 11   10/03/201228/09/2012
9FerencvárosHungary2522 3      31/05/193131/05/1932
10CoritibaBrazil24 177      03/02/201105/05/2011
11BayernGermany2314 3  5 1 16/02/202024/09/2020
12Crvena Zvezda Yugoslavia2317 33     01/03/200026/07/2000
13Real Madrid Spain2212 2  6  216/09/201420/12/2014
14Nacional Uruguay2220   2    29/06/194114/12/1941
15FenerbahçeTurkey2111 1   9  07/06/202329/10/2023
16Manchester CityEngland2115 32 1   19/12/202002/03/2021
17PalmeirasBrazil21 183      11/02/199601/05/1996

Comments to the table:
NL = National League (top divisions) 
RL = Regional League (top divisions)
NC = National Cup
LC = League Cup
OC = other (relevant) national Cups (Scottish Challenge Cup for The New Saints, Copa Competencia for Nacional, National Super Cup for others)
CL = Champions’ League and its analogue in all confederations (including Champions’ Cup era)
CO = Conference League
SC = UEFA Super Cup
WC = Club World Cup

Tie breaker : more wins in international competitions