Players with most penta-tricks in XXI century

Erling Haaland (picture) has scored a penta-trick for Manchester City on April 27 in a FA Cup match against Luton (6-2).
This is the second time in his senior career that he has scored 5 goals in a match, following his feat last year in the Champions League against RB Leipzig (7-0).
(At junior level, Erling became famous for his incredible 9 goals in the 12-0 Norway-Honduras U20 World Cup match in 2019).
In connection with this, we publish for the first time the ranking of players with most penta-tricks in XXI century. Only top level games are considered.
Ali Ashfaq leads the ranking. The prolific striker from Maldives managed to score 5+ goals in 8 games for his clubs and country!
The third placed Maksim Gruznov (Estonia) made 1 penta-trick also in XX century (indicated in brackets).
The total number of penta-tricks is broken down by competitions and by “size”.
The right column (7+) mean 7 or more goals in a game (13 for Thompson, 12 for Ashfaq, 7 for Bounedjah).
Tie-breakers: 1) most international feats (ICC+NT), 2) most national league feats (NL), 3) league strength.
Active players are taken in bold.

1Ali AshfaqMaldives 6 118611
2Marc Lloyd Williams Wales41  523 
3Maksim GruznovEstonia3(+1)1  4(+1)3(+1)1 
4Greg DraperNew Zealand12  33  
5Lionel Messi Argentina   1122  
6Archie ThompsonAustralia1  121 1
7Erling HaalandNorway 11 22  
8Cristiano Ronaldo Portugal2   22  
9Baghdad BounedjahAlgeria2   21 1
10Garbhan CoughlanRepublic of Ireland2   22