Picture : Haaland and City conceded the draw against Liverpool !

Man City tied Sunderland’s winning streak record

On 25 November, Manchester City failed to beat Liverpool (1-1) in a clash between the Premier League's top two. Thus, Man City have broken their exciting 23-match winning streak at home in all competitions.
The run started with the very first match of 2023 against Chelsea (3-0) on January 8 and included 15 home matches in the league, 3 in FA Cup and 5 in the Champions League.
Manchester City has just tied the national all-time top-flight record set by Sunderland as long ago as in XIX century.
Sunderland won all last 8 home games of the season 1890-91 (6 in the league, 2 in FA Cup) and then all 15 home games in 1891-92 (13 in the league, 2 in FA Cup).
Thereafter, Sunderland drew the first home game of the season 1892-93 (on 10 September 1892 vs Notts County 2-2); that draw ended their record streak which eventually made 23 wins.
It is generally accepted in the English press that Sunderland's run was not 23, but 24 matches, adding a win in the Сup game on 16 January 1892 vs Notts County (3-0). But that match was declared void following a protest from Notts County. Therefore, it can’t be taken into account (the opponents have met again in a week, also in Sunderland; the replay brought another win 4-0 to the home team, this time legal).

1Chelsea4-0 08/01/2023NC
2Tottenham4-2 19/01/2023NL
3Wolverhampton 3-0 22/01/2023NL
4Arsenal1-0 27/01/2023NC
5Aston Villa3-1 12/02/2023NL
6Newcastle2-0 04/03/2023NL
7RB Leipzig7-0 14/03/2023CL
8Burnley6-0 18/03/2023NC
9Liverpool4-1 01/04/2023NL
10Bayern3-0 11/04/2023CL
11Leicester3-1 15/04/2023NL
12Arsenal3-1 26/04/2023NL
13West Ham3-0 03/05/2023NL
14Leeds2-1 06/05/2023NL
15Real Madrid4-0 17/05/2023CL
16Chelsea1-0 21/05/2023NL
17Newcastle1-0 19/08/2023NL
18Fulham5-1 02/09/2023NL
19Red Star Belgrade3-1 19/09/2023CL
20Nottingham 2-0 23/09/2023NL
21Brighton2-1 21/10/2023NL
23Young Boys3-0 07/11/2023CL