Tavernier joins “Club 100+ goals” for defenders!

James Tavernier became the 14th defender in football history to score 100 top-level goals. The 32-year-old Englishman from Rangers achieved this milestone in the match of Scottish Premier League vs Livingston (2-0) on 12 November.
Tavernier is the third right-back in the 100-goal “club”, along with Manni Kaltz and Nelinho.
He is the only one of the 14 member who has never played for his national team (at least so far). His extremely high scoring rate in games for the club apparently does not cause an interest in him from England coach Gareth Southgate.
On this occasion, we update the all-time ranking for highest scoring defenders in the world football. 
The record holder Ronald Koeman is untouchable with 254 goals.
Abderrahmane Hachoud (Algeria) has a chance to enter the “Club 100+” next: now he is at 94 goals.
Only the players which held essential majority of their games as defenders are taken in consideration. 
Tiebreaking criteria in case of equal number of total goals: 1) major international goals (MI + NT).

1Ronald Koeman254CB1980-1997Netherlands193 22 25 14
2Daniel Passarella 175CB1974-1989Argentina 134 13 6 22
3Fernando Hierro170CB1987-2005Spain110 12117129
4Nelinho141RB1970-1987Brazil5463 711 6
5Sergio Ramos133CB2004-Spain78 8321 23
6Roberto Carlos125LB1991-2015Brazil66149 25 11
7Laurent Blanc124CB1987-2003France96 525 16
8Edgardo Bauza 111CB1977-1992Argentina 109   2  
9Manfred Kaltz110RB1971-1991Germany77 15 10 8
10Siniša Mihajlović109CB1988-2006Yugoslavia/Serbia66 19 14 10
11Bruno Pezzey105CB1973-1990Austria73 14 9 9
12Hans-Jürgen Dörner105CB1969-1985East Germany65 24 7 9
13Marcus Tulio Tanaka104CB2001-2019Japan75 5133 8
14James Tavernier100RB2009-England69 3820  

NL = National Leagues (only top divisions), 
RL = Regional Leagues (only top divisions),
NC = National Cup,
OC = other relevant domestic club competitions, including League Cup, Super Cup etc.,
MI = major international club competitions, held by FIFA and continental confederations,
OI = other relevant international club competitions (Copa Iberoamericana for Hierro), 
NT = National Team (only “full internationals”).