Picture : Pelé leads always the all time ranking.

All-time best top division goal-scorers: Brazil - Paulista (Part 16)

The São Paulo State Championship (Paulista) dates back to 1902. Shortly after its creation, a phenomenal goal-scorer, Arthur Friedenreich, broke into there, amassing an incredible 357 goals in a quarter of a century of his career.
His achievement would have remained a league record to this day, had not a new genius appeared in it over time, who managed to outshine the legend of old times. Pele surpassed Friedenreich by more than a hundred goals and stopped at 466.
Until recently, this number was a record for all national and relevant regional leagues on the planet; it was only exceeded by Lionel Messi in the Spanish league.
Pele and Friedenreich still tower over the rest by several heads. So far, no one has been able to even get close to them. After two giants, only Serginho Chulapa conquered and barely surpassed the mark of 200 goals (210).
16 strikers have scored 150 or more goals. There are no active players and foreigners among them.
Palmeiras was named previously Palestra Itália and Palestra de São Paulo. For simplicity, the current name is used in all cases. 

 PlayerPeriodGoalsBreakdown by clubs
1Pelé1957-1974466Santos 466
2Arthur Friedenreich1910-1934 357Germânia 6, Mackenzie 15, Ypiranga 39, Paulistano 230, São Paulo 67
3Serginho Chulapa1973-1993210Marília 2, São Paulo 138, Santos 61, Corinthians 5, São Caetano 4
4Feitiço1922-1939196São Bento 58, Santos 129, Palmeiras 9
5Toninho Guerreiro1960-1975194Noroeste 37, Santos 111, São Paulo 46
6Cláudio1940-1959188Santos 27, Palmeiras 9, Corinthians 152
7Luizinho1929-1946187Paulistano 1 São Paulo 121, Estudantes 6, Palmeiras 59
8Heitor1916-1931185Palmeiras 185
9Pepe1955-1966180Santos 180
10Neco1914-1928171Corinthians 170, Mackenzie 1
11Gino1952-1964 167XV de Jaú 1, Comercial 12, São Paulo 144, Portuguesa 7, Juventus 3
12Sócrates1974-1989 164Botafogo-SP 51, Corinthians 108, Santos 5
13Servílio1958-1973162Portuguesa 83, Palmeiras 72, Corinthians 3, Nacional-SP 4
14Baltazar1944-1959159Jabaquara 19, Corinthians 139, Juventus 1
14Teleco1935-1945 159Corinthians 145, Santos 10, Juventus 4
16Jorge Mendonça 1976-1988150Palmeiras 60, Guarani 55, Ponte Preta 35