Picture : Victor Hugo Antelo is the record holder ! He was crowned by IFFHS as WORLD'S BEST TOP DIVISION GOAL SCORER in 2000.

All-time best top division goal-scorers: Bolivia (Part 13)

Víctor Hugo Antelo is the record holder among goal-scorers of Bolivian league since its inception in 1950. He amassed 350 goals in 554 games between 1983 and 2001. 
«Tucho» Antelo is the only scorer to reach 300 goal mark.
The mark of 200 goals is achieved by 6 players, 150 goals by 14 players; they are listed in the table below.
Pablo Escobar, placed 5th in the historical ranking, holds the records on goals for a single club: 206 for The Strongest.
Augusto Andaveris, placed 13th, hold the record on goals scored for most clubs (11).
Andaveris is one of 3 players in the list who are still active (in bold) though he appeared in top tier last in 2019. 
William Ferreira (Uruguay) is the only “full” foreigner in the list. But there are 5 players more who came from other South American countries and accepted local citizenship as a second.
Two of them, Juan Carlos Sánchez (from Argentina) and Pablo Escobar (from Paraguay) have played for Bolivia at international level, so they are considered as Bolivians.
The remaining three naturalized players didn’t play for Bolivia: Horacio Baldessari (Argentina), Jair Reinoso (Colombia), Alfredo Jara (Paraguay).
The mark of 100 goals is reached by 45 players at the moment.
Goals in promotion/relegation playoffs and tournaments for Copa Libertadores places are included in the players’ tallies.

 PlayerPeriodGoalsBreakdown by clubs
1Víctor Hugo Antelo1983-2001350Oriente Petrolero 143, Real Santa Cruz 37, Blooming 121, 
    Bolívar 15, San José 20, The Strongest 14
2José Alfredo Castillo2000-272Oriente Petrolero 151, Bolívar 11, Blooming 26, Guabirá 64, 
    Sport Boys 19, Jorge Wilstermann 1 
3Juan Carlos Sánchez1979-1992262Guabirá 43, Blooming 146, Jorge Wilstermann 22, Litoral 11, 
    San José 30, Independiente Petrolero 10
4Carlos Saucedo2006-2021262Oriente Petrolero 12, Bolívar 18, Blooming 17, The Strongest 11, Aurora 15,
    San José 153, Real Potosí 11, Guabirá 17, Royal Pari 2, Real Santa Cruz 6
5Pablo Escobar2004-2018228San José 22, The Strongest 206
6Fernando Salinas1980-1993201Bolívar 198, Ciclón 3
7Jesús Reynaldo1977-1993197Bolívar 89, Blooming 11, The Strongest 36, Real Santa Cruz 38, 
    Always Ready 7, Guabirá 9, San Pedro 4, Universitario de Beni 3
8William Ferreira2009-2021188Bolívar 173, Always Ready 13, Real Tomayapo 2
9Jair Reynoso 2008-176Bolívar 8, Aurora 47, The Strongest 83, San José 38 
10Limberg Gutiérrez1997-2015174Blooming 81, Bolívar 60, Oriente Petrolero 11, The Strongest 21, 
    Sport Boys 1
11Horacio Baldessari1978-1988161Blooming 56, Oriente Petrolero 46, Bolívar 36, Destroyers 23
12Joaquín Botero1999-2014160Bolívar 147, San José 8, Sport Boys 5
13Augusto Andaveris 1997-2019155Municipal La Paz 2, Bolívar 6, Iberoamericana 15, Jorge Wilstermann 25, 
    San José 30, Oriente Petrolero 5, La Paz 30, Real Potosí 21, Aurora 18, 
    Blooming 1, Always Ready 2
14Alfredo Jara1998-2009154Real Santa Cruz 20, Real Potosí 76, Jorge Wilstermann 24, 
    Oriente Petrolero 9, The Strongest 13, Nacional Potosí 12