Picture : Albert De Cleyns on the top !

All-time best top division goal-scorers: Belgium (Part 11)

The Belgian League is one of the oldest national leagues in the world. It was established in 1895.
Albert De Cleyn holds its goal-scoring record with 377 goals in 488 games for Mechelen between 1932 and 1955. 
He and Jef Mermans (343) are only two players to reach 300-goal mark. Another 10 players achieved 200 goals. There are no foreigners and no active players between them.
The most prolific foreign striker Rob Rensenbrink (Netherlands) has scored 169 goals in 317 games for Club Brugge and Anderlecht from 1969 to 1979.
The mark of 150 goals is achieved by 32 players. The only active of them Jelle Vossen has 159 goals at the moment.
The official ranking doesn’t include 3 “war championships”: 1939-40 (unfinished), 1940-41 and 1944-45 (again unfinished). But sometimes the goals scored in them are added. 
So, it makes sense to present a parallel ranking which includes the “war goals” (WG) and “war appearances” (WA). The total numbers (TG, TA) are given on the right.
Albert De Cleyn’s tally, including the war championships, rises to 428.    
Noteworthy is the abundance of players who throughout the career were devoted to one club. Among the all-time top 12, as many as 7 scored for only one club, including the entire podium.

 PlayerPeriodGoalsAppBreakdown by clubsWGWATGTA
1Albert De Cleyn1932-1955377488Mechelen 3775134428522
2Jef Mermans1941-1957343384Anderlecht 3432315366399
3Bernard Voorhoof1927-1948296474Lierse 2962221318495
4Arthur Ceuleers1933-1951288398Beerschot 202, Racing Club 862520313418
5Rik Coppens1947-1962261389Beerschot 258, Olympic Charleroi 3  261389
6Erwin Vandenbergh1976-1995255428Lierse 117, Anderlecht 87, Gent 47, Molenbeek 4  255428
7Paul Deschamps1946-1956241299Liège 241  241299
8Jean Capelle1929-1944240251Standard 2401216252267
9Paul Van Himst1959-1975235477Anderlecht 234, Molenbeek 1  235477
10Jan Ceulemans1974-1991230518Lierse 39, Club Brugge 191   230518
11Raoul Lambert1962-1980212373Club Brugge 212  212373
12Raymond Braine1922-1944206268Beerschot 206820214288