Joaquín equals Zubi in his last game!

Past night, Joaquín said goodbye to football, having managed to catch up with La Liga record holder in the number of appearances Andoni Zubizarreta.
The match against Valencia (1-1), the last in Betis midfielder career, was his 622nd in the Spanish top flight. 
Zubizarreta amassed exactly the same amount of games between 1981 and 1998.
Raúl García from Athletic Bilbao has a chance to overtake them both next season. He ended the season at 589 and is still playing.

 PlayerGames Breakdown by clubsPeriod
1Andoni Zubizarreta622Athletic 169, Barcelona 301, Valencia 1521981-1998
2Joaquín622Betis 407, Valencia 158, Málaga 572001-2023
3Raúl García589Osasuna 101, Atlético Madrid 216, Athletic 2722004-
4Raúl550Real Madrid 5501994-2010
5Eusebio Sacristán543Valladolid 246, Atlético Madrid 27, Barcelona 203, Celta 671983-2002
6Paco Buyo542Sevilla 199, Real Madrid 3431980-1997
7Manolo Sanchís523Real Madrid 5231983-2001
8Lionel Messi520Barcelona 5202004-2021
9Iker Casillas510Real Madrid 5101999-2015
10Sergio Ramos508Real Madrid 469, Sevilla 392003-2021
11Xavi 505Barcelona 5051998-2015
12Miquel Soler504Espanyol 118, Barcelona 81, Atlético Madrid 25, Sevilla 75, 1983-2003
   Real Madrid 14, Zaragoza 39, Mallorca 152