Unique series of Ivan Toney

The Brentford striker Ivan Toney has made a unique goal-scoring series (which is actually not yet closed).
Within his 15 consecutive appearances in English premier league since 4 February to 6 May, Toney scored only 0 or 1 goals in every game, such way that 0 and 1 strictly alternated. That is, in the odd matches of this row (1st, 3rd, 5th etc) he never scored, and in the even matches (2nd, 4th, 6th etc) he always scored a single goal.
Toney hadn’t chance to play since 6 May as he was banned by FA for breaching its betting rules. The ban is quite severe (8 months), so the striker will be back to game in January 2024. Let’s see if his unusual streak continues next year.  

 DateGameToney GoalsToney Goals
104/02/2023Southampton 3-00 
211/02/2023Arsenal 1-1  1
318/02/2023Crystal Palace 1-10 
406/03/2023 Fulham 3-2 1
511/03/2023Everton 0-10 
615/03/2023Southampton 2-0 1
718/03/2023Leicester 1-10 
801/04/2023Brighton 3-3 1
905/04/2023Manchester United 0-10 
1008/04/2023Newcastle 2-1 1
1115/04/2023Wolverhampton 0-20 
1222/04/2023Aston Villa 1-1 1
1326/04/2023Chelsea 2-00 
1429/04/2023Nottingham 2-1 1
1506/05/2023Liverpool 0-10