Two age records of Géza Túri!

The Hungarian goalkeeper Géza Túri became the oldest active player in the national top divisions of the world, as well as the oldest in the entire history of the Faroe Islands championship. He has played on 14 May for KÍ Klaksvík against HB Tórshavn at the age of 49 years 64 days.
Túri's main duty in the KÍ staff is a goalkeeping coach. Apart from this, he is used as the third goalkeeper. But the last time he wore gloves in a local league game was as long ago as in June 2018, when he was 44.
Now, after almost 5 years, a rare emergency came, when he appeared the only choice. The main KÍ goalkeeper Markus Pettersen fell ill, while his backup Rói Hentze got injured.
Túri took the goal frame and achieved a clean sheet playing away against one of the strongest teams in the league! With his help, KÍ celebrated the 1-0 victory.
Before Géza Túri, the oldest player in Faroese league history was the Pole Waldemar Nowicki, also a goalkeeper, who has played for B71 Sandoy on 14 September 2008 against Skála at the age of 47 years 235 days. Curiously, Nowicki neither conceded a goal in his record game, exactly like Túri did now.
The oldest active player in the national top divisions of the world, before Túri entered the pitch, was the Bulgarian goalkeeper Petkov, who has played in April this year in his native championship for Slavia Sofia aged 47.
A remarkable highlight of Géza Túri’s career before was his appearance on 27 August 2002 as a substitute for Zalaegerszeg in a Champions’ League away qualifier against Manchester United.