Castellanos scores first league poker against Real Madrid in 75 years! 

Yesterday, the 24-year-old Girona striker Valentín (Taty) Castellanos has scores all 4 goals of his club at its sensational win over Real Madrid (4-2) in La Liga.

*He became the first player to score a poker against “Los Blancos” in almost exactly 10 years (more accurately, 10 years and 1 day). The last “romperredes” to do it was Robert Lewandowski on 24 April 2013, in an epic first leg Champions League semi-final for Borussia Dortmund (4-1).

*Castellanos is also the second Argentine to net as many goals vs Real Madrid in a single game, after Diego Milito (for Zaragoza in Copa del Rey semi-final).

*The “anti-Madrid” league poker was last seen as long ago as in 1947; it was actually even a penta-trick (the only one for all time), made by Esteban Echevarría (Oviedo).

*In total, 9 players managed to do such feat in the history, counting all competitions, both national and international. They are listed in the table in chronological order.

*As for Carlo Ancelotti personally, he has seen for the first time (!) a rival player scoring poker against any of his teams in his 28-year long professional career as a coach (which counts a total of 1,274 official matches for 10 clubs).

*After the victory, Girona becomes the only club in the entire history of La Liga that has a positive balance against Real Madrid (3 wins, 1 draw, 2 losses).

 PlayerNationalityGoalsDateTeam (Score)Tourn.
1Josep Samitier Spain418/04/1926Barcelona (5-1)NC
2Martí Vantolrà Spain421/04/1935Barcelona (5-0)NL
3Vicent Martínez Catalá Spain403/03/1940Español (5-4)NL
4EmilínSpain424/09/1944Oviedo (4-0)NL
5Esteban EchevarríaSpain521/12/1947Oviedo (7-1)NL
6Eulogio Martínez Paraguay419/05/1957Barcelona (6-1)NC
7Diego Milito Argentina408/02/2006Zaragoza (6-1)NC
8Robert Lewandowski Poland424/04/2013Borussia Dortmund (4-1)CL
9Taty CastellanosArgentina425/04/2023Girona (4-2)NL