Picture : Ali Ashfaq is the most prolific striker ! 

Players with most pokers in XXI century

In connection with Cristiano Ronaldo's recent poker (4 goals in a game) in a Saudi Arabia league match, we publish for the first time the ranking of players with most pokers in XXI century (only top level games are considered).
It was 11th poker in CR7 career; this amount is made up of 8 pokers in national leagues, 1 in Champions League and 2 for Portugal. he scored 4 goals in a single game 9 times and 5 goals twice.
There is only one man with more such feats: Ali Ashfaq. The prolific striker from Maldives managed to score 4+ goals in 18 games for his clubs and country!
In the table, players with at least 5 pokers in XXI century are ranked. Two of them (Lloyd Williams and Gruznov) made few pokers also in XX century (they are indicated in brackets).
The total number of pokers is broken down by competitions and by “size”.
The right column (7+) mean 7 or more goals in a game (12 for Ashfaq, 7 for Bounedjah).
Tie-breakers: 1) most international pokers (ICC+NT), 2) most national league pokers (NL), 3) aggregate “size” of pokers (sum of goals in consideration). 
Active players are taken in bold.

 IN XXI CENTURY          
 PlayerCountryHT   Total    
   NLNCICCNT 4567+
1Ali AshfaqMaldives 113131810611
2Cristiano Ronaldo Portugal8 121192  
3Luis Suárez Uruguay521198 1 
4Lionel Messi Argentina 5 21862  
5Marc Lloyd Williams Wales6(+3)1  7(+3)2(+3)23 
6NeymarBrazil41 1651  
7Baghdad BounedjahAlgeria51  641 1
8Greg DraperNew Zealand42  633  
9Vyacheslav Zahovaiko Estonia42  651  
10Robert LewandowskiPoland2 21541  
11Maksim GruznovEstonia5(+1)0(+1)  5(+2)1(+1)3(+1)1 
12Tarmo NeemeloEstonia32  541