Picture : Besnik Krasniqi leads the ranking !

Highest Scoring Defender in 3rd Decade XXI Century after 2 years: Besnik Krasniqi

We publish for the first time the ranking for highest scoring defenders in the world football in the 3rd decade of XXI century (2021-2030) after its first two years (2021 and 2022).
Two players, both right-backs, are well ahead of the rest. One of them is James Tavernier, about whom we have been writing regularly over the last year because he has set several records.
But Tavernier is only second in the ranking of the decade (28 goals). Above him we see Besnik Krasniqi who plays in the Kosovo League. He scored 30 goals, evenly dividing them over two years. Krasniqi, unlike Tavernier, scored all his goals in home games (28 in the league, 1 in the cup and 1 in the super cup, for two clubs, Prishtina and Drita).
In the table, next to the total number goals for a player, it’s indicates how many of them he has scored from the penalty spot. As you can see, both leaders of the ranking replenished their tallies mainly due to penalties. 
If you take only goals from the open game, then the leaders are different: Kendall Waston from Costa Rica (a participant of the recent World Cup) and George Horan, an Englishman who plays in the Welsh league. Each of them has 17 goals, and none from the spot.

 IN 3rd DECADE OF XXI CENTURY   (2021-2030)        
 PlayerRoleCountryGoals   Total1Pen.20212022
1Besnik KrasniqiRBKosovo282  30241515
2James TavernierRBEngland1639 2818622
3David HanckoCBSlovakia13241208128
4Aleix CisteróLB Spain1721 2010614
5Ramy BensebainiLBAlgeria133 218599
6Denys DedechkoCBUkraine126  187117
7Kendall WastonCBCosta Rica13 2217 98
8Ali MaâloulLBTunisia14 211712116
9George HoranCBEngland1232 17 116
10Carlos Ramírez CBColombia152  1711413
11Gustavo GómezCBParaguay11131162511
12Benjamin MataCBCook Islands16   161097
13Luan CândidoLBBrazil151  162313
14Kevin Van Den Kerkhof RBFrance142  1610133
15Slobodan UroševićLBSerbia1113 15 510
16Andrés CadavidCBColombia14 1 1510213

All goals at top senior level are counted (top national divisions, national cups, official international tournaments, official games between national teams).
Brazilian state championships Paulista and Carioca have status equal to national leagues (according to IFFHS decision).

NL – National League
NC – National Cups
ICC – International Club Competitions
NT – National Team

Period: from January 1, 2021 to December 31, 2022.
Tiebreaking criteria in case of equal number of total goals: 1) international goals (ICC + NT), 2) goals scored for national team (NT), 3) goals scored in domestic league (NL).