Picture : Cristiano Ronaldo has already scored two hat-tricks in 2022 !

Hat-tricks’ record of Cristiano Ronaldo: year by year

Few days ago Cristiano Ronaldo reached a milestone of 60 hat-tricks what is a world record in XXI century. This table shows the details of this fantastic achievement.

*It may look quite strange now that CR7 has scored his first hat-trick only being almost 23 year old (it happened on 12 January 2008 in the game Manchester United vs Newcastle United 6-0) and the second being 25 year old. But then he began to pour them like an avalanche: 9 trebles in 2011, 8 in 2013, as many in 2015.

*From total 50 hat-tricks on club scene, the lion's share came from Real Madrid (44), and only 6 went to other clubs (Manchester United and Juventus, 3 for each).

*10 hat-tricks scored by Cristiano Ronaldo for Portugal made him world record holder in this category.

*50 times he scored 3 goals in a game, 8 times – 4 goals and twice – 5 goals. Both penta-tricks happened in the same year, 2015 (La Liga games vs Granada 9-1 on 5 May 2015 and vs Espanyol 6-0 on 12 September 2015).  

*9 of his 60 hat-tricks are "perfect" (i.e. with goals scored by right foot, left foot and head). For comparison: Messi who made 55 hat-tricks over his career has not a single perfect!

*Slightly more than half of CR7 hat-tricks, 31 out of 60, included penalty goals.

YearClubHT   TotalGoals  
2008Manchester United1   11  
2009     0   
2010Real Madrid31  431 
2011Real Madrid9   981 
2012Real Madrid3 1 44  
2013Real Madrid411288  
2014Real Madrid4   431 
2015Real Madrid5 218512
2016Real Madrid4 21752 
2017Real Madrid  2133  
2018Real Madrid2  1321 
2019Juventus  13431 
2020Juventus1   11  
2021Juventus1  122  
2022Manchester United2   22  
Total 392910605082