Picture : Bilbija scored in 14 consecutive matches !

Nemanja Bilbija goal-scoring super-streak: 14 games in the league, 15 in total!

The 31-year-old Bosnian striker Nemanja Bilbija scored in 14 consecutive games of his national league for Zrinjski Mostar. His streak has been running since 26 September 2021 to 2 April 2022.
This is one of the best such series in the current century. Only 5 players have achieved longer league goal-scoring streaks in XXI. Over the history of football, 12 players managed to score in 15 or more matches in a row in which they took part. 
The IFFHS ranking for the best serial league goal-scorers of all times will be published soon.
Taking into account all official matches, Bilbija's series consists of 15 games (including one game of the national Cup). Very likely he will be the world’s best serial scorer in 2022, as his streak surpasses the streaks of the winners of the previous two years (Nikita Rukavytsya, 13 games in 2020, and Robert Lewandowski, 14 games in 2021).
Bilbija’s brilliant streak came to an end on 9 April when he failed to score in the game vs Borac Banja Luka (1-1).

126/09/2021Sloboda Tuzla (1-0)NL1
202/10/2021Siroki Brijeg (4-0)NL2
315/10/2021Velez (1-0)NL1
423/10/2021Sarajevo (1-0)NL1
527/10/2021Sloboda Tuzla (1-1)NC1
601/11/2021Željezničar (3-0)NL2
706/11/2021Borac Banja Luka (4-1)NL2
820/11/2021Tuzla City (2-0)NL1
927/11/2021Posušje (3-1)NL2
1003/12/2021Leotar (6-2)NL1
1127/02/2022Rudar Prijedor (1-0)NL1
1204/03/2022Radnik Bijeljina (4-1)NL1
1313/03/2022Sloboda Tuzla (2-0)NL2
1419/03/2022Radnik Bijeljina (4-0)NL3
1502/04/2022Tuzla City (5-0)NL2