Picture : Argentine Cristian Luchetti is the most prolific active Goalkeeper with 19 goals !

IFFHS All-Time Ranking for the World’s Highest Scoring Goalkeepers

The subject of this ranking is the most scoring goalkeepers in the history of football: all goalkeepers with 20 or more top-level goals.
In contrast to the similar ranking for forwards where the current players (Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi) have taken the leading positions, there are no active goalkeepers on this list. The most prolific active goalie Cristian Lucchetti (Argentina) has just 19 goals at his tally, and he is 43 years old.
The romantic era of goalkeepers-scorers seems to be a thing of the past. The current goalkeepers, with very rare exceptions, are entirely focused on their main business, and do not even risk going to shoot a penalty. There are no new giants on the horizon like Chilavert and Rogério Ceni, whose record (129 goals) seems to be destined for a long life.
Jorge Campos is a special case: the only one in this list who combined the roles of goalkeeper and striker in his career. He was a real striker for a brief spell (the full 1989-90 season, some part of the next one, and then occasionally), but during that period he scored most of his 47 goals, so he's not ranked in this table.

 PlayerYearsCountryGoals   Total
1Rogério Ceni1993-2015Brazil103818 129
2José Luis Chilavert1982-2004Paraguay`46112867
 Jorge Campos 1988-2004Mexico3458 47
3René Higuita1985–2009Colombia 33 5341
4Johnny Vegas Fernández 1995-2015Peru40 1 41
5Dimitar Ivankov1996-2011Bulgaria3054 39
6Fernando Patterson  1989-2013Costa Rica332  35
7Álvaro Misael Alfaro1988-2010El Salvador31   31
8Hans-Jörg Butt1997-2012Germany 2613 30
9Dragan Pantelić1971–1985Yugoslavia1842226
10Vincent Enyeama2001-2017Nigeria1824 24
11Žarko Lučić1993-2007Yugoslavia/Montenegro21   21
12Nizami Sadiqov1992-2004Azerbaijan183  21
13Sebastián Saja2001-2016Argentina19 1 20

Tiebreaking criteria in case of equal number of total goals: 1) international goals (ICC + NT), 2) goals scored for national team (NT), 3) goals scored in domestic league (NL). 

NL – National League (only top tier)
NC – National Cups
ICC – International Club Competitions (only official)
NT – National Team