Picture : Egypt's Trezeguet scored the winning goal for Egypt despite Hakimi and Bounou, ending the unbeaten streak of Morocco.

Morocco stop their unbeaten streak at 31 games

The Africa Cup of Nations currently taking place in Cameroon ended both long unbeaten streaks that two teams, Algeria and Morocco, had at the time of its start.
Algeria stumbled early in the tournament, losing sensationally to Equatorial Guinea (0-1). Thus finished their 26-match unbeaten run.
Morocco, which had a series of 27 games before the tournament, managed to extend it by another 4 games, already approaching Italy's world record of 37 games. But, losing in the quarterfinals to Egypt (1-2), Morocco stopped 6 steps from the record.
The series of these teams include matches of African Championship of Nations and the Arab Cup, as they are recognized by FIFA, despite the outage of the Europe-based players in these tournaments
Argentina now has the longest active unbeaten run with 28 games, followed by England (20) and France (18).

 National teamGamesFirst gameLast game
1Italy3710.10.2018  Ukraine (1-1)08.09.2021 Lithuania (5-0) 
2Brazil3516.12.1993  Mexico (1-0)18.01.1996  USA (1-0) 
 Spain3507.02.2007  England (1-0)20.06.2009  South Africa (2-0) 
4Argentina  3119.02.1991  Hungary (2-0)08.08.1993  Paraguay (3-1)
 Spain 3107.09.1994  Cyprus (2-1) 19.11.1997  Romania (1-1)
 Morocco3119.10.2019 Algeria (3-0)25.01.2022 Malawi (2-1)
7Hungary 3004.06.1950  Poland (5-2)30.06.1954  Uruguay (4-2)
 France3016.02.1994  Italy (1-0)09.10.1996  Turkey (4-0)
9Brazil2908.03.1970  Argentina (2-1)06.06.1973  Tunisia (4-1)
10South Korea                2803.09.1977  Thailand (5-1) 29.12.1978  China (1-0) 
 Argentina  2806.07.2019 Chile (2-1) 
12Colombia2731.07.1992  USA (1-0)03.03.1994  Mexico (0-0)
 Spain2701.09.2016  Belgium (2-0)11.10.2018  Wales (4-1)
14Spain2615.11.2011  Costa Rica (2-2)27.06.2013  Italy (0-0)
 Algeria2614.11.2019 Zambia (5-0)16.01.2022 Equatorial Guinea (0-1)
16Italy2513.10.2004  Belarus (4-3)  09.07.2006  France (1-1)
 Netherlands 2510.09.2008  Macedonia (2-1) 06.07.2010  Uruguay (3-2)