Picture : At 60 years and 198 days, Ronnie Brunswijk made History !

Ronnie Brunswijk: oldest international player in the history!

The Surinamese Vice President Ronnie Brunswijk made history in world football. He became the oldest player worldwide in the history to ever appear in the international game at top level!
The 60-year-old politician played on September 22 for Inter Moengotapoe in the CONCACAF League match against Honduran team Olimpia Tegucigalpa (0:6). His age at the match day was 60 years 198 days.
CONCACAF League is 2nd strongest international competition in the region; analogue of Europa league in UEFA structure.
Brunswijk took the team to the field of the stadium that bears his name, as captain, while being the president of the club. In total, Brunswijk spent 54 minutes on the pitch. 25 of them he played alongside with his 21-year-old son Damian.
It was his 4th international game for Inter Moengotapoe overall. He has played the previous three from 2009 to 2011 in the Caribbean Club Championship (all games were also lost by his team).
It is worth noting that Ronnie Brunswijk is older than CONCACAF itself. The confederation was founded in September 1961, 6 month after his birth. 
Brunswijk will not be able to play in the return match against Olimpia, since the game will be held in Honduras, and he is on the Interpol list, so he cannot leave Suriname.