Picture : Patrick Kluivert near from the Record !

Best one-match goal-scorers (final stages)

For 15 Euro final stages held so far, no one yet managed to score 4 goals in a single match. The closest to this was Patrick Kluivert in 2000 in the game against Yugoslavia (6:1). With 3 goals already scored, he netted for the 4th time, but this one was controversially cancelled.
At the moment, there have been 8 hat-tricks, with the first of them made only in the fifth edition (1976). Dieter Müller scored 3 goals to Yugoslavia. This hat-trick is still the only one made by a substitute and also the latest one (the first of three goals was scored after 82 minutes, the next two in extra-time).

Michel Platini (picture up) is the only player to have achieved 2 hat-tricks, both in 1984. They were made with an interval of only 3 days. One of them, related to the game vs (once again) Yugoslavia, is the fastest in the history of Euro finals (took 18 minutes).
In the last two editions (2012, 2016) no one of players was able to score a hat-trick.
Also, no one in the history has been able to score a hat-trick in the final game of Euro. There were three cases when a player scored 2 goals. All three times it was one of the German strikers in the victorious final for Bundesteam:
Gerd Müller (vs Soviet Union, 1972),
Horst Hrubesch (vs Belgium, 1980),
Oliver Bierhoff (vs Czech Republic, 1996).

 PlayerCountryGoalsRival (score)DateStage
1Dieter MüllerGermany3Yugoslavia (4:2)17/06/1976Semi-finals
2Klaus AllofsGermany3Netherlands (3:2)14/06/1980Group 
3Michel PlatiniFrance3Belgium (5:0)16/06/1984Group 
4Michel PlatiniFrance3Yugoslavia (3:2)19/06/1984Group 
5Marco van BastenNetherlands3England (3:1)15/06/1988Group 
6Sérgio ConceiçãoPortugal3Germany (3:0)20/06/2000Group 
7Patrick KluivertNetherlands3Yugoslavia (6:1)25/06/2000Quarter-finals
8David VillaSpain3Russia (4:1)10/06/2008Group