His Excellency Saleh Salem Bahwini, the President of the IFFHS, takes position to the project of the Super League in Europe and gives all his support to the UEFA and the FIFA. « In these difficult moments in the World, the Super League cannot solve the financial problems of the clubs due to the coronavirus pandemic. « 


Commenting this new project of European Super League, HE Saleh Salem Bahwini said: " We are convinced that the current structure in football with UEFA and FIFA guarantees the best foundation. The reform of the Champions League is the right step to take for the development of European football. It will contribute to an increase in excitement and the emotional experience in the competition."



For HE Saleh Salem Bahwini, « all clubs in Europe should work in solidarity to ensure that the cost structure is brought in line with revenues, to make all of European football more rational. We need unity, solidarity and always take in consideration all the fans in the World . The IFFHS works together with all confederations and parallel with the FIFA always for the glory of football and with the rules established by our current structure. «