«Slózi»: the first ever player with 500 goals

Due to the fact that Luis Suarez scored last week the 500th goal of his career, we received a question which of the players did it the first in history.
Our answer: it was the legend of Hungarian football, Imre Schlosser. Actually also the very first great goal-scorer of continental Europe. And the first in the world to reach the 500-goal mark (counting only goals scored in top-level competitions).
This remarkable event took place on April 3, 1927 in the Hungarian league match Ferencváros - Budai 33 (3:0). Schlosser's age on that day was 38 years and 69 days. He retired shortly afterwards, stopping at 504 goals (world record at the time).
The table below shows the statistics of his goals.
The vast majority of them were scored in the Hungarian league - 411. Almost a hundred years have passed, and this national record stands until now (Ferenc Puskas would certainly have broken it if he had not left Hungary in 1956, having by that time 357 goals and 10 years of further career ahead).
To these goals, “Slózi” (as the fans named him) added 6 goals produced in the Austrian league.
He netted 17 more goals in the Hungarian Cup (counting the 1907-08 edition which had no official status) and 1 goal in the "Hungarian Championship final" 1908-09 (the match between the country's champion against the champion of regional leagues). These goals are categorized as cup goals.
10 goals have been scored in top-level international club competitions: Challenge Cup 1909 of Austro-Hungarian Empire (3 goals), Christmas Cup 1916 in Budapest (1), Prater-Tournament 1919 in Vienna (5) and Easter Tournament 1926 in Antwerpen (1).
Finally, “Slózi” scored 59 times for the Hungarian national team.

YearsClubLeagueGoals   Total
1905-16FerencvárosHungary264163 283
1916-22MTK Hungária Hungary135 6 141
1925-26Wiener ACAustria6 1 7
1926-27FerencvárosHungary112  13
1927-28Budai 33Hungary1   1
1906-21     5959
Total  417181059504