IFFHS 40 years old !


MARCH 27, 1984 – MARCH 27, 2024 


It is a great day for IFFHS, present in the World’s Football since 1984 and recognized in all continents. 40 years already, due to the great work of IFFHS former President Alfredo Pöge (President 27 years) and his successors, today Saleh Salem Bahwini, President since 2014.


The IFFHS (International Federation of Football History and Statistics) was created on March 27, 1984 in Leipzig (Germany) by Alfredo Pöge, the first President. The statutes were made in adequation with the FIFA statutes, members of all countries in the World (sport journalists, football experts, statisticians …) joined the IFFHS. Today there are 150 countries from all continents  represented in the Federation.

The goal number 1 pursued by the IFFHS is chronicling the history and records of World Football, collecting texts, statistics and pictures of all national and international competitions in all countries and continents from the beginning of football in the XIXth Century to today.

The second goal is to organize each year votes throughout the continents and the World by its members for the purpose to establish rankings of teams, players, coaches, referees … with the statistics and knowledge.The best in each category will receive IFFHS Awards.

All IFFHS activities are online www.iffhs.com.