Belfast Celtic’s world record: 31 wins in a row

Al Hilal have won yesterday their 29th consecutive game in all official competitions (2-1 vs Al Ahli in Saudi league). 
They are now in just 2 games from the world record that stands already 76 years.
Here we present details of that record which belongs to Belfast Celtic and was established in the season 1947-48.
The Northern Irish club started their legendary series immediately after the loss in the City Cup vs Bangor (0-3) on 30 August 1947.
The next game that they failed to win was played on 13 March 1948 (Irish League, 0-0 vs Glentoran).
Between these dates, Belfast Celtic won all 31 matches in 4 top-level competitions: national league (18), Irish Cup (2), City Cup (8) and Gold Cup (3).

104/09/1947Coleraine 5-0Gold Cup
206/09/1947Cliftonville 3-0City Cup
309/09/1947Glentoran 1-0Gold Cup
413/09/1947Distillery 2-0City Cup
516/09/1947Distillery 2-0Gold Cup
620/09/1947  Derry City 7-0City Cup
727/09/1947  Glenavon 3-0City Cup
811/10/1947Ballymena United 4-0City Cup
918/10/1947Portadown 4-0City Cup
1025/10/1947  Linfield 4-3City Cup
1101/11/1947Coleraine 3-1City Cup
1208/11/1947Ards 5-2League
1315/11/1947Portadown 6-2League
1422/11/1947Distillery 2-0League
1529/11/1947Coleraine 8-1League
1606/12/1947Cliftonville 3-0League
1713/12/1947Derry City 5-1League
1820/12/1947Glenavon 3-1League
1925/12/1947Glentoran 3-1League
2026/12/1947Linfield 3-0League
2127/12/1947Bangor 5-2League
2203/01/1948Ballymena United 2-0League
2310/01/1948Ards 6-0League
2417/01/1948Portadown 4-1League
2524/01/1948Cliftonville 2-0Irish Cup
2631/01/1948Distillery 5-0League
2707/02/1948Coleraine 5-2League
2814/02/1948Brantwood 4-1Irish Cup
2921/02/1948Cliftonville 4-2League
3028/02/1948Derry City 5-1League
3106/03/1948 Glenavon 3-1League

The last 2 competitions were actually two different kinds of League Cup, held for top division clubs.