Highest Scoring Defender in 3rd Decade XXI after 2023: James Tavernier

James Tavernier, an English right-back from Glasgow Rangers, dominates the ranking for highest scoring defenders in the world football in the 3rd decade of XXI century (2021-2030) after its first three years (2021, 2022, 2023).
With astonishing 26 goals notched over the past year, Tavernier has already amassed 54 in this decade, 15 more than any other prolific defenders.
Besnik Krasniqi (Kosovo) and Benjamin Mata (Cook Islands) run behind him with 39 goals each.
As of the end of 2023, 15 defenders have scored 20+ goals.
Next to a player’s total goals for a player, his penalty goals are indicated. All three leaders have benefitted much by such way to score. 
But there are those who don’t use this chance at all. Kendall Waston (Costa Rica) has scored all his 27 decade goals from open play, and this is the maximum amount of individual open-play goals at the moment within the decade (4 more than Tavernier’s, for instance).
We have only included in the ranking the players who featured as defenders in vast majority of their games inside the decade in consideration (even if they were mostly used as midfielders before).

 IN  3rd  DECADE  OF XXI CENTURY    2021-2023    
1James TavernierRBEngland36612 543262226
2Benjamin MataCBCook Islands3081 392911721
3Besnik KrasniqiRBKosovo372  392915159
4Ali MaâloulLBTunisia20352302211613
5Höskuldur Gunnlaugsson RBIceland1776 30108715
6Carlos Ramírez CBColombia2431 281941311
7Kendall WastonCBCosta Rica21 332709810
8Ramin Rezaeian RBIran152442547414
9Alexander ScholzCBDenmark1825 25226511
10David HanckoCBSlovakia142532481284
11Gustavo GómezCBParaguay132612235116
12Victor CardozoCBBrazil19 3 2215688
13Achraf Hakimi RBMorocco 15 15210876
14Aleix CisteróLB Spain1721 2010614 
15Vincent AtingahCBGhana20   20152711

The ranking published here provides a breakdown of goals both by tournaments (to the left of the total amount) and by years (to the right).
All top-level goals are taken into account:
DL = domestic leagues (only national and regional top tier),
DC = relevant domestic cups
ICC = international club competitions,
NT = national team.
Tie-breakers: 1) more international goals (ICC+NT), 2) more national team goals (NT), 3) more domestic league goals (DL), 4) more open-play goals.
Period: from 1 January 2021 to 31 December 2023.