Picture : Dimitri Payet is just the 14th European player to score in Brazil's Top league since 1959 !

Dimitri Payet and all European goals in Brazil

Dimitri Payet has scored a goal on 19 October for Vasco da Gama in a Brazilian Serie A match against Fortaleza (1-0).
This is quite a remarkable event, considering that Europeans are very rare guests in the strongest league in South America.
The French veteran is just the 14th European player to score in Brazil's top flight since 1959 (out of 34 who have ever played in it).
Over the past 10 Serie A seasons, the Europeans have totaled just 7 goals (including this one from Payet). The previous “European” goal took place in 2019 (its author was the Spaniard Pablo Marí).
In total, the history of the tournament counts 135 “European” goals. The lion's share of them (83) belongs to one player, Dejan Petković, who is still the only European who managed to make a notable career in Brazil.

 PlayerGoalsNationalityYearsBreakdown by teams
1Dejan Petković83Serbia1997-2011Vitória 16, Flamengo 31, Vasco da Gama 20, 
     Fluminense 11, Santos 1, Atlético Mineiro 4
2Clarence Seedorf16Netherlands2012-2013Botafogo 16
3Alex Kamianecky 13Germany1969-1981America-RJ 13
4Fernando Peres 4Portugal1974-1976Vasco da Gama 1, Sport 2, Treze 1
5Manuel4Portugal1976-1978Americano-RJ 1, Goytacaz 3
6Krzysztof Nowak3Poland1996-1997Atlético Paranaense 3
7Colin Kazim-Richards3Turkey2016-2018Coritiba 3
8Dejan Osmanović2Serbia2001Vitória 2
9Pablo Marí2Spain2019Flamengo 2
10Waldemiro Sergi (Miro)1Italy1963Bahia 1
11Mariusz Piekarski1Poland1996-1997Atlético Paranaense 1
12Fran Mérida 1Spain2013Atlético Paranaense 1
13Bruno Pereirinha 1Portugal2015Atlético Paranaense 1
14Dimitri Payet1France2023-Vasco da Gama 1