A crazy score in Czech league

In the Czech league, a game with a crazy result of 9:5 has been played on October 21. Mlada Boleslav defeated Zlin away with such an incredible score.
Over the entire existence of the current Czech league, since 1993, the maximum number of goals scored in a match was 10. And here it was 14!

*Taking into account the leagues of Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic combined (since 1925), this match is the 8th in which at least 14 goals were scored. The record number of goals in a match is 16.
In terms of the total number of goals, this extremely unusual duel Zlin vs Mlada Boleslav fell slightly short of the historical record, but in terms of the number of goals in one half, the participating teams managed to do it.

*These 14 total goals were distributed very unevenly across the halves. In the first there were only 3 (the hosts led 2:1 at the break), while in the second as many as 11 (the guests tore the hosting Zlin to pieces - 3:8).
Curiously, before that, it were just Zlin who took part in the unique match in the history of the national top division, in which the spectators have seen 11 goals in a half. But in that occasion, they were in the role of a boxer, and not a punching bag like now.
On 6 December 1942, Zlin won the second half against Rakovnik 10:1(!), and the whole match ended 15:1.

*In addition to the above, it can be noted that of the matches played in XXI century in the strong enough European leagues, only one has previously produced 14+ goals: Wil - St. Gallen (11:3) in Switzerland on 3 November 2002.

*Which was the most prestigious match that ended with a score of 9:5 in the history of football? No doubts, it was the Dutch “clasico” Feijenoord (winner) vs Ajax on 28 August 1960.

Slavia - Náchod11:503/12/1939
Viktoria Plzeň - Viktoria Žižkov8:514/10/1945
Pardubice - Trnava5:624/03/1946
Čechie Karlín - Slavia5:614/09/1947
České Budějovice - Bohemians 6:502/11/1947
Viktoria Plzeň - Slovan Bratislava6:616/06/1963
Jablonec - Znojmo5:517/08/2013
Zlín - Mladá Boleslav5:921/10/2023

Slavia - Náchod - 11:51603/12/1939
Zlín - Rakovník - 15:11606/12/1942
Slavia - České Budějovice - 15:11626/06/1948
Slavia - Kladno - 14:11519/11/1939
Čechie Karlín - Slavia - 3:111411/11/1934
Slavia - SK Plzeň - 12:21416/04/1944
Kladno - Trnava - 12:21402/12/1945
Zlín - Mladá Boleslav - 5:91421/10/2023