Thomas Müller: new record winner in Bundesliga

Thomas Müller became the new Bundesliga record holder by number of wins when he came on as a late substitute for Bayern against Mainz (3-1) on 21 October.
Even though he spent only a few minutes on the pitch, he added this victory to his collection, and it became his 323rd. His teammate Manuel Neuer was left behind with 322. 
However, Neuer is already very close to come back for playing from a heavy injury, so he will soon be ready to battle it out at the top of the wins chart again.
Here is the top 15 of most winners in the Bundesliga history; with only one foreigner, Claudio Pizarro (Peru).  

 PlayerCareerWinsGamesBy teams
1Thomas Müller 2008-323449Bayern 323
2Manuel Neuer 2006-322478Schalke 77, Bayern 245 
3Oliver Kahn1987-2008310557Karlsruhe 60, Bayern 260 
4Manfred Kaltz1971-1991291581Hamburg 291
5Robert Lewandowski2010-2022274384Borussia Dortmund 85, Bayern 189 
6Mats Hummels2007-260424Bayern 52, Borussia Dortmund 2078
7Philipp Lahm2003-2017250385Stuttgart 28, Bayern 222 
8Lothar Matthäuas1979-2000249464Borussia Mönchengladbach 73, Bayern 176 
9Sepp Maier1965-1979249473Bayern 249
10Claudio Pizarro1999-2020248490Werder 101, Bayern 145, Köln 2
11Stefan Reuter1985-2004238502Nürnberg 37, Bayern 52, Borussia Dortmund 149
12Mirko Votava1976-1996237546Borussia Dortmund 74, Werder 163
13Franz Beckenbauer1965-1982235424Bayern 220, Hamburg 15
14Gerd Müller1965-1979232427Bayern 232
15Klaus Fichtel1965-1988232552Schalke 188, Werder 44