Picture : Neymar and Brazil entered in the Top 5.

Longest series of wins in home World Cup qualifiers

With a 1-1 draw against Venezuela on October 13, Brazil ended their streak of 15 home wins in World Cup qualifying matches.
This series is a record for South America in the whole history of World Cup qualification tournaments and the world record in XXI century.
In the historical global ranking (see table), this series took 5th place.
The two longest such streaks belong to the same team - Mexico. The first of them, consisting of 25 victories, stretched over 42 years, from 1934 to 1976. These were the first 25 home matches of Mexico in qualifying for the World Cup. The series ended with a draw vs Canada (0-0) on 27 October 1976.

 TeamWinsFirst game Last game 
1México2504/03/1934Cuba 3-215/10/1976United States 3-0
2México2401/07/2001United States 1-016/10/2012El Salvador 2-0
3Nigeria2120/10/1984Liberia 3-026/03/2005Gabon 2-0
4Spain1616/12/1992Latvia 5-004/06/2005Lithuania 1-0
5Brazil1506/09/2016Colombia 2-108/09/2023Bolivia 5-1