Picture : Cristiano Ronaldo, the first in HISTORY with more than 1000 unbeaten games !

All-time ranking for players unbeaten in most games 

For the first time, we are publishing the all-time world ranking for players unbeaten in most top-level matches for club and country.
A few days ago, Cristiano Ronaldo became the first player in history to reach 1000 such games, as we have recently reported (now he already has 1002).
All top-level games in national and regional leagues, national cups, official international tournaments and for national team are considered (total number of games is also given, on the right column). 
Shootouts are not taken into account.
Active players are highlighted in bold.

 PlayerCountryPeriodWinsDrawsUnbeatenTotal Games
1Cristiano RonaldoPortugal 2002-7782241 0021 184
2Rogério CeniBrazil1993-20156422729141 225
3Lionel MessiArgentina2004-7081999071 041
4Gianluigi BuffonItaly1995-20236122758871 070
5Roberto CarlosBrazil1991-20156232478701 090
6Dani AlvesBrazil2001-6662038691 056
7Iker CasillasSpain1999-20196891798681 048
8Xavi Spain 1998-20196502148641 017
9FábioBrazil1997-5952678621 186
10Ryan Giggs Wales1990-20146092368451 027
11Peter ShiltonEngland1966-19974953508451 217
12Paolo MaldiniItaly1985-20095363008361 028
13Javier ZanettiArgentina1993-20145602728321 067
14Ray ClemenceEngland1965-19885712608311 069
15RaúlSpain1994-20155952098041 034