Picture : Messi's goal number 800 was this wonderful free kick against Panama.

Lionel Messi: 2nd player with 800 goals!

Lionel Messi has scored in the friendly Argentina vs Panama (2-0) the 800th goal over his senior career, including appearances for clubs and the national team.
Messi is the 2nd player in history to conquer this "football Everest". Cristiano Ronaldo was the first to do this on 2 December 2021.
Here we list Messi's milestone goals. All previous ones were scored in Barcelona games. 
Along with each milestone goal, the number of his career’s match, where it happened, is indicated. 
The right column shows the number of matches that Messi took to close another hundred. In particular, he took 155 games for the 8th hundred, spending more (210) only for the very first one.

Goal №DateGameTourn.Game №Between
101/05/2005Barcelona - Albacete (2:0)NL9 
10029/09/2009Barcelona - Dynamo Kyiv (2:0)CL210210
20017/08/2011Barcelona - Real Madrid (3:2)NSC332122
30027/10/2012Rayo Vallecano – Barcelona (0:5) NL41886
40027/09/2014Barcelona - Granada (6:0) NL525107
50017/04/2016Barcelona - Valencia (1:2) NL632107
60004/03/2018Barcelona - Atletico (1:0) NL747115
70030/06/2020Barcelona - Atletico (2:2) NL862115
80023/03/2023Argentina - Panama (2:0)NT Fr1017155