Picture : Madagascar is impressive in the CHAN !

CHAN 2022: the results of the 3rd day and the program of the quarterfinals

The verdict fell, we know the 8 nations qualified for the quarterfinals of CHAN 2022. We will have a clash between Algeria and Ivory Coast and the Senegal-Mauritania derby. These confrontations are the two big posters of the quarterfinals of CHAN 2022, which is currently taking place in Algeria.

Of the eight teams present in the quarterfinals during the last edition held in Cameroon, none has qualified for the second round this time. 

Algeria will be carried against the Ivory Coast by its 40,000 supporters of the Nelson Mandela Stadium in Baraki. The match will be played in front of a full house. CAF, which sought to revive the CHAN, in loss of popularity, has found the right thread in Algeria.

The results of the 3rd day of the group stage:

Group A: 

Mozambique - Algeria (0-1) 

Libya - Ethiopia (3-1) 

 Qualified: Algeria and Mozambique. 

 Group B : 

Senegal - DR Congo (3-0)

Uganda - Ivory Coast (1-3)

 Qualified: Senegal and Ivory Coast 

Group C: 

Sudan - Madagascar (0-3) 

 Qualified: Madagascar and Ghana

 Group D: 

Mauritania - Mali (1-0)

Mauritania: Qualified

Group E: 

Niger - Cameroon (1_0)

 Niger is qualified. 



The table of quarterfinals : 

Friday, January 27 : 

Algeria-Côte d'Ivoire, 17h in Baraki 

Senegal-Mauritania, 20h in Annaba

Saturday, January 28: 

Madagascar-Mozambique, 17h in Constantine 

 Niger-Ghana, 20h in Oran