Timur Dosmagambetov equals world record for defenders!

In the game of Kazakhstan league on 15 October Kairat vs Astana (0-4) all goals were scored by same player, Timur Dosmagambetov (1 from penalty, 3 from open play).
This case itself is quite rare. And given that this player is a defender (left-back), it generally turns into a unique one. The likes of a defender scoring all the goals in a match in such numbers have never happened before in top-level world football.
And in general, 4 goals is a record mark for a defender in a single match. Only five such cases are known (including yesterday’s).

*The Argentine Victorio Spinetto was in 1937 the first defender who managed to score a poker. In the tactical scheme of that times (2-3-5), his role was a centre-half what corresponds to a centre-back in modern football.
Spinetto established himself as the first “defender goal-scorer” in Argentine (maybe also in the global) football. Over his career, he has scored  49 goals, 4 of them in his most prominent game, Vélez Sarsfield vs Chacarita Juniors. 
He turned the game from 0-2 (after the first half-time) to 5-2. Of the five cases that we are talking about, this is the only one in which all 4 goals were scored by a defender in one half-time (the second). Spinetto netted first from free-kick and others from open play.
Symbolically, Vélez who in the 1990s took out the first super-scoring goalkeeper, José Luis Chilavert, six decades earlier had been also pioneer in having a high-scoring defender, Victorio Spinetto.

*Spinetto's achievement was repeated in 1970 by another legendary Argentine defender Rafael Albrecht. The San Lorenzo centre-back scored 4 goals (2 of them from penalties) in the game of Campeonato Nacional vs Gimnasia de La Plata (6-3).

*The next one in our list is Bernhard Dietz, a left-back from Duisburg. He is unique among defenders in consideration who scored all 4 goals from open play (not needing dead-ball situations). 
Dietz made his feat in the Bundesliga game in 1977. Who was his victim? It can sound sensationally for today realities: Bayern Munich and great Sepp Maier in goal! The merciless defender caught them just in the moment of deep crisis: Bayern were lying 13th in the league (with Duisburg one place below).
Dietz went on to score 77 Bundesliga goals in his career to make him the highest-scoring defender in the history of the national top tier and the second-highest goal-scorer in top flight ever for Duisburg.

*Fernando Hierro featured the last defender with a poker until yesterday. He played a sweeper in April 1992 game of La Liga for Real Madrid when he tore Espanyol (7-0). His goals (the last of them from penalty) fell in just 17-minute interval (since 42nd to 59th): shortest gap among the considered cases.
“El Mariscal” Hierro was extremely prolific that season (1991-92): 21 goals in La Liga, 3 in Copa del Rey, 2 in Europe, 3 for Spain. 29 goals in total: not bad for a defender!

*Turning back to the new hero Dosmagambetov, there is one more thing where he is unique. Unlike other co-holders of this record, he made his poker in away game.  

 Victorio SpinettoArgentinaCB417.10.1937Vélez SarsfieldChacarita Juniors 5-2NL01
 Rafael AlbrechtArgentinaCB427.10.1970San Lorenzo Gimnasia La Plata 6-3 NL20
 Bernhard DietzGermanyLB405.11.1977DuisburgBayern Munich 6-3NL00
 Fernando HierroSpainCB419.04.1992 Real Madrid Espanyol 7-0NL10
 Timur DosmagambetovKazakstanLB415.10.2022 AstanaKairat 4-0NL10