The World’s Best Referee 2015

Nicola Rizzoli is again the World’s Best Referee.

Since three years, Nicola Rizzoli, who is today 44 years old, dominate the rankings of the World’s Best Referee. Second in 2013 behind the double winner of the award, Howard Webb (2010 and 2013), the Italian referee won in 2014 and again in 2015.

Selected editorial offices and experts from 50 countries around the world took part in the 2015 annual election of the top referee, the 29th time it has been carried out by the IFFHS.

Rizzoli began his senior career in 2002, became an international at 2007 and made a great Jump in the Top World Referees in 2013 to be the number 1. Last year, he had 53 points more than the second, but this year, his margin was very small with two strong concurrents, the English referee Martin Atkinson and the Turkish referee Cuneyt Cakir. Rizzoli (80 points) had only 8 points more than Atkinson and nine more than Cakir ! With the German Felix Briych , at the 4th place, they have dominated the year 2015 with clear-sighted performances.

Bjorn Kuipers confirms his place in the Top 5, Marc Clattenburg made his entry in the ranking for the first time. South America had also a new great referee with Wilmar Roldan from Colombia and Australia’s Ben Williams enter in the Top 10.


1 – Nicola RIZZOLI (Italy) 80 points

2 – Martin ATKINSON (England) 72 points

3 – cuneyt CAKIR (Turkey] 71 points

4 – Felix BRYCH (Germany) 59 points

5 – Bjorn KUIPERS (Netherlands) 35 points

6 – Marc CLATTENBURG (England) 24 points

7 – Wilmar ROLDAN (Colombia) 21 points

8 – Jonas ERIKSSON (Sweden) 14 points

9 – Carlos VELASCO CARBALLO (Spain) 11 points

10 – Ben WILLIAMS (Australia) 6 points

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