Picture :  Vivian Woodward was the first to break the Record of Olphert Stanfield in 1909 !

Most capped players of XIX Century

In this part we publish the ranking of players with most games played for national teams in XIX Century. 
The world record in this category at the end of 1900 belonged to Olphert Stanfield, an Irish footballer who has earned 30 caps playing mainly on right-inside position. 
His world record was surpassed by England's Vivian Woodward in 1909. The first Irishman who beat Stanfield was legendary goalkeeper Elisha Scott who won his 31st cap in 1936.
Besides that, Stanfield who played for only one club (Distillery) throughout his career still remains the most capped Distillery player of all time.

1Olphert StanfieldIreland301887-1897
2William LewisWales271885-1898
3John PedenIreland241887-1899
 Samuel TorransIreland241889-1899
5James TrainerWales201887-1899
6Norman Coles BaileyEngland191878-1887
 Gilbert Oswald SmithEngland191893-1900
8Edgar Charles BambridgeEngland181879-1887
9William OwensWales161884-1893
 William Isaiah BassettEngland161888-1896
11John PowellWales151878-1888
 John GraffikinIreland151890-1895
 Robert MilneIreland151894-1899
 John Leonard JonesWales151895-1900
15Humphrey JonesWales141885-1891
 Walter ArnottScotland141883-1893
 John ClugstonIreland141888-1893
 John GoodallEngland141888-1898
 Dai JonesWales141888-1900
20Charles CampbellScotland131874-1886
 Percy Melmoth WaltersEngland131885-1890
 Tinsley LindleyEngland131886-1891
 Charles ParryWales131891-1898
 Thomas ScottIreland131894-1900
 William John OakleyEngland131895-1900