Heidi Støre (born 4 July 1963, Sarpsborg) is a former Norwegian footballer and world champion as captain for the national team.Støre played for the clubs Sprint-Jeløy (Norway), Trollhättan (Sweden), Kolbotn (Norway), Nikko (Japan) and Athene Moss (Norway).[1] She made her debut for the Norwegian national team in 1980, and played 151 matches for the national team.[2]She was world champion with the Norwegian team in 1995, received a silver medal in 1991, and won the unofficial world championship tournament in 1988. She was European champion from 1987 and 1993, and received silver medals in 1989 and 1991.[1] She won an Olympic bronze medal with the Norwegian team in 1996.[3]Støre ended her active career in 1997, but returned as administrator of women's football in 2005.[2] She was appointed leader of the department Toppfotball kvinner of the Football Association of Norway from 2013.[4] [5]

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