1. The IFFHS will have as its main objective the chronological documentation of world football results, data and football-related information e.g. on tournaments (specifically the FIFA World Cup) international and national games, national teams, clubs, national leagues, national federations, players, coaches, referees, fans etc.
  2. The IFFHS will evaluate, establish, collect, maintain and securely store football related data in compliance with all applicable data protection and other laws.
  3. The IFFHS will organize through its members, local federations all over the world, experts, specialized professional football players, members of the football clubs in the world and the IFFHS book members, world-wide voting to determine rankings of teams, players, national leagues, referees etc., and will promote and establish special events and awards or acknowledgments of people recognized in the world of football.
  4. The IFFHS will cooperate with FIFA in all matters related to the IFFHS-Objectives. IFFHS shall abide by FIFA`s rules and guidelines regarding world football. The IFFHS may also subscribe to, become a member of and co-operate with any other organization with similar objectives.
  5. The IFFHS will promote the advancement and growth of football. It will discourage practices or activities likely to be detrimental to football and sports in general.
  6. The IFFHS will establish a professional solution by using Point System to determine the ranking of a) teams b) players c) national and international teams d) national leagues e) coaches f) referees g) fans etc., to determine popularity of each.
  7. The IFFHS will provide and give a special historical award to the football legend able to fulfill the criteria of the IFFHS.
  8. The IFFHS will cooperate with the local football federations to establish and integrate a history and statistical department to be one of their main sources for football data.
  9. The IFFHS will cooperate with the historical and statistical organizations worldwide.